8am oil change?  Sure! Screw sleep!

If it weren’t for the fact that I was startled awake by my boyfriend climbing into bed, I wouldn’t be up this early.  Granted, my plan was to spring to life the minute he arrived…  Unfortunately, I think I have some version of the plague so I loaded up on whatever medicine I could to knock myself out last night!

I am a VERY anxious person.  I live in a large house (that I bought for my kids so they could live with me forever and ever) and normally a mouse farting in the basement crawl space would be enough to drag me out of slumber..  NOT TODAY!  He walked in the house, kicked off his work boots, dropped his 14 bags (for a 4 day stay) and slithered into my bed..  *wink wink*

Either way, a 275 lb -6’4 guy, staring at you when you sleepily open your eyes, is enough to draw a shriek that the neighbors in the next zip code would hear.  He made up for it.

Now…  He’s sleeping and I’m at the car lot waiting for my teenie tiny car to get an oil change.  This dealership always treats me great and they have a nice waiting room full of people who are too terrified to turn the TV to the Olympics, for fear they may be stabbed.  

Let’s face it..  In our society, you just never know if the little old lady, who wanted to discuss her husbands affinity for driving thousands of miles a year and his aggravation at their transmission, could be carrying a shank in that adorable little “pocket book”.  

I’ll just sit quietly, drink my Monster, and avoid all eye contact with anyone else waiting or the sales guys who must be forced to come in and get coffee (even if they don’t drink it) so they can spark up a conversation and try to get a “trade-in”. LOL  I’m on to you guys!  Your slushy machine does nothing for me..  Hmm..  Monster slushy..  Hold tight.  BRB
Yeah.  No.  Bad idea.  I’m good.

I drive a Fiat 500 Sport.  With Eyelashes.  Yep.  I’m that person!  Don’t judge me.  It’s fun!

My car could fit in the trunks of most of the cars here!  Not sure why it takes 2 hours to change the oil, my engine is smaller than my 4lb Chihuahua!

Mr. Incredible and his side-kick Little Dog (shoved into my Fiat!)

He put those eyelashes on that car and promptly said he would never ride in it again.  Good thing I got that picture first!

So this is my Saturday morning!  

I specifically told the guy, who checked me in, NOT TO LAUGH AT THE MECHANIC WHO HAD TO CHANGE THE OIL IN MY CAR!  We’ll see if I hear them all laughing and clapping when he squashes himself into the driver’s seat and zoom zoom zooms into the next bay!  😆👏🏻😆👏🏻 

After this it’s baby-proofing my house for hurricane Sqiggle who get’s to spend the day with GiGi today while mommy cohorts with the dirty butts at the state fair..  (I had to go Thursday night and that blog is coming..  I promise!)

So ..  I wait.   But with an eye on that old lady.

So my favorite girl here, Alexis (beautiful little redhead with an amazing personality and always ready to help me out!) just walked up with this..

THAT is my driver’s side arm rest!  LOL Gigantor got in my car and broke it!  LOL they sent her to give me the news and all I could do was laugh.  I know they’ll take care of it so I’m not pressed about it.  

Back to waiting.  Hahahhahaha!

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