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The Battle of an Empath

I’m an empath.  Which means, in a nutshell, I feel EVERYTHING.  Good, bad, or otherwise and sometimes all at once.  It’s the most exhausting thing in my world.

Lately, over the last few days, I’ve been very on edge.  Anxious.  Sensitive.  I don’t want to hear noises at all.  NOTHING.  I want complete silence.  The smallest things are setting me into a rage.  No idea why, and I can’t change it.  I’m trying, but I’m currently at work plotting at least one death because his voice grates on my last good nerve.  I can hear him over my headphones and that pisses me off even more.

I went to the restroom, headphones still in, and the toilet flushing was too loud and I instantly could feel the anger building.

My nails hitting my keyboard?  ANNOYING AS FUCK.  But I’m not taking the nails off.

Not sure what’s going on in the universe, and I really don’t want to know, because EVERYTHING IS PISSING ME OFF!

I hate this.

Words out of anger

Ever since I was young, I’ve always tried so hard not to say anything to anyone to hurt them.  I genuinely realize that words can’t be taken back.  I can think anything I want, but it’s rare that I let the words escape this giant head of mine.

Unfortunately, others don’t take the same kind of care with their words.  People find it so easy to unload on me and although the words hurt, I try to forgive and forget.  Recently, someone came at my throat and although they apologized a few days later, the words really hurt.  REALLY hurt.  I’ve always given this person the benefit of the doubt, been very careful of their feelings, and always tried to see things from their side.  There is now a wall.  A very thick, mighty, and sturdy wall that will NEVER be toppled between us.

Over the years, I’ve tried to show them what they are worthy of, what they didn’t deserve from the people around them, and the happiness they could have if they would just try… They don’t get it.  They’re too set in their ways.

This isn’t someone I can just ignore or walk away from.  They are going to be around for the rest of our lives.  As a friend, I’m okay with that, but at an arms length.  Beyond that, I have no use for them.  I hope they find what they need in life and stop fighting the universe on its message.  Not everything has to be so tough for them and they don’t have to be such an asshole about every single thing.

Moving on…

Time to leave the past in the past and move on to bigger and better things.  My world is about to change dramatically for the best and I can not wait!  There’s nothing standing in my way now, except me… and I refuse to block any new adventures coming my way.

I have put everything in my life on hold for everyone else.  No longer.  This is my time to live.  I have no reason not to and better now than never…  I refuse to die with regrets!

My heart’s truth…

I am exhausted from lying to myself.  I’m not over him.  I don’t want to be, if I’m honest.  I’m not sad/angry etc anymore… I just feel in my soul that he is my “person”.

I am trying to manifest what I know to be true… A lot of messages have come through the last couple of days.  I have to trust the process.  There was an imbalance and neither of us wanted to admit that and instead of discussing it, he left.

If it’s meant to be… it will be.

“Mom, Scientology has peaked(sp) my interest”

How ’bout FUCK NO!  Get your ass away from that as soon as possible, wipe your eyes, ears, phone, messenger, PC… everything of that thought.  And while you’re at it, do a CTRL+ALT+DEL on your brain and do a hard reboot!

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Look, your sister is already a flat-earther.  I can’t have you joining a cult… unless it’s a Cult of Personality (which you’ve got plenty of!)

I didn’t bring my kids up in organized religion.  I don’t believe that children are equipped with the mental capacity to understand the gravity of associating or joining a specific religion.  I raised my kids on the “Golden Rule”.  As long as you’re good to people, and have a mostly pure heart full of love… you’ll do fine in life.  You don’t have to go to a building, give your paycheck away, and buy into a bunch of nonsense just to prove to someone that you deserve to go to “heaven”.  Organized religion is BULLSHIT!

I grew up Catholic.  I do not practice and refuse to associate myself with the biggest bunch of damn hypocrites on the planet.

I don’t know what is controlling the universe, I do believe that something is going on, but “GOD” in modern times is simply a fear tactic in my opinion.  Frankly, it’s been a fear tactic for centuries and a reason to create wars and fight for power over the world.  Again… it’s all bullshit in my opinion.  I don’t test the universe.  I am a huge believer in Karma… That bitch has me on speed dial.

You believe what you want to believe… I’ll believe what I want to believe.  We cool?  Cool.

I need a maid…

I loathe cleaning.. How does so much dust accumulate so quickly??  WTF is dust??  I’ve switched out the filter on the furnace but it JUST NEVER STOPS!  Is it an Ohio thing?  I know it’s a common thing around the world, I’m not dumz… this house just has more dust than I know what to do with.

I can’t wait to minimize my living space.  I hate apartment living but I do like not having to clean 1500+ sq ft of non-lived-in space.

Maybe one day I’ll meet myself a good wife and he’ll love cleaning.. LOL  Or even a rich husband and hire someone to do all the work!  HAHHAH  yeah right.  Guess it’s left to me.  Maybe one of those extended stay hotels would work for me… or lifetime cruise!  #retirement goals

Glad the holidays are over…


I gave literally the bare minimum to the holidays.  From Halloween through New Year’s .. I did NOT participate.  Or participated at a level to keep everyone off of my ass.

“It’s been long enough, get over it”
“Sick of you blowing me off for him”
“You need to get it together and move on”
“Don’t give him the satisfaction”

Just a few of the things said to me instead of

“We love you and understand”
“What can I do to help?”
“Do you need anything?”
“I’m here”

Most days are good.  I don’t think about him and if I do, I try to remember how badly he made me feel and how he just LEFT.  In dealing with all of this I’ve been told I have severe PTSD (not from him – or very little from him).  Turns out PTSD isn’t just from fighting in a war or surviving some epic event.  It explains a ton of things and my reactions to a lot of situations.   I’ve isolated myself so much over the last 8+ months so that I can heal.  It’s a slow process that I am trying to figure out on my own.

Move to Denver is moving at a glacial pace.  Emptying the house out (I refuse to take anything but a very few things, from my present or past,  with me into this adventure) is a chore.  I hate moving.  I hate leaving the people that I love.  Some don’t even know I’m going yet.  Can’t wait to get away from others.   I can’t stay.  I have to go.  I need to redefine who I want to be.  This pathetic stagnant slob isn’t me.  I’ve shut down so hard that my pulse is about the only thing that separates me from the dead.

I wish there were more to talk about, but life has been incredibly uneventful.  I choose it to be that way to protect my own peace.