I need a maid…

I loathe cleaning.. How does so much dust accumulate so quickly??  WTF is dust??  I’ve switched out the filter on the furnace but it JUST NEVER STOPS!  Is it an Ohio thing?  I know it’s a common thing around the world, I’m not dumz… this house just has more dust than I know what to do with.

I can’t wait to minimize my living space.  I hate apartment living but I do like not having to clean 1500+ sq ft of non-lived-in space.

Maybe one day I’ll meet myself a good wife and he’ll love cleaning.. LOL  Or even a rich husband and hire someone to do all the work!  HAHHAH  yeah right.  Guess it’s left to me.  Maybe one of those extended stay hotels would work for me… or lifetime cruise!  #retirement goals

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