In I.T., vowels mean EVERYTHING


Yay me that I get thrown into learning new software from different vendors for a new product.  Nevermind that I can’t understand a damn word the developers say, but they sent us a process doc that is ALL SORTS OF BANGED UP!

(To prove a point, I should write the rest of this without vowels, but I won’t torture you)

Naming conventions in I.T. are much like the password to your cell phone, e-mail, PC, garage door opener….  If it’s off even remotely, SHIT DON’T WORK!  So… here’s what I’m fighting with:

cntrl2_cntrl1_email@<random e-mail>.com

So…  that first “cntrl” looks a lot like the second, RIGHT?

First “cntrl” is CONTROL.
Second “cntrl” is CENTRAL

Now… I try to take my Captain Obvious pill every morning… pretty sure I took it this morning… Seems my pill was missing some very important vitamins… Like E, A, and… is O a vitamin?

There are days when I wonder WHY I got into this field.  Then I look at my paycheck… and still wonder.

Tomorrow I get to start the madness and confusion all over again!  I can hardly contain my excitement.

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