Cold Hot Dog Pie, you say?

I’m the team mom.  I coordinate collections of money, parties/happy hours, and potlucks.  I’m one of only 2 females on the team so I’ve fallen into the MOM title naturally.  Unfortunately, that means I work with about 30 men who really could care less about potlucks until it’s time to eat.

I’m all for feeding the masses and love doing it, however, occasionally it’s tiring to spend an evening in my kitchen after working all day.  So… I half decided to boycott the potlucks.  UNTIL!  I saw a recipe for cold hot dog pie.  Yes, it’s a thing… Google it!  LOL

I brought this monstrosity to work today and said I would pay $20 to the first person to eat a whole slice.  Turns out.. the other female is who ate it!  She choked it down.  Pretty sure if Fear Factor ever comes back to TV, she’s in the running for a spot.  I’m always up to try new foods that most people won’t… and I did try this, but on a cracker, not in its current form.  It was.. well.. okay, I guess.  Wasn’t HORRIBLE.  My boss ate some and a couple of other people but there’s almost 3/4 of it left.

Now I plan to pay housekeeping/maintenance back for every single time I’ve ever had to fill an empty ice cube tray that they emptied and didn’t refill.  Seems petty, but I’ve done worse to better people.  Wanna talk about the Dick Trophy or the “How not to be a C*nt” book or the bag of gummy dicks?  We can go there.  LOL Anonymously, of course.

The full moon has brought a much better mood and hopefully some better times for everyone.  Tons of people in my life are having a hard time right now.  A great number  of people breaking up, a few losing loved ones (death), others just in an emotional slump.  Time for some fun and shenanigans to round out the summer.

What next?  🙂


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